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Local author talk by Dave Fromm on July 28

Dave Fromm grew up in Lenox (LMHS Class of 1989). His debut novel, “the Duration,” is set in the Berkshire County town of Gable….hmmm…

In an interview, Fromm said “I was inspired to write The Duration by a few things. One of them is pretty cool – a local Berkshire legend about a circus elephant named Columbus who, in 1851, came to the Berkshires as part of a traveling act, got injured and subsequently died in the woods in my small New England hometown. They left him where he lay, and the woods eventually swallowed him up. His body’s never been found, although some folks are sure they know where it is. That idea, of a buried beast, an old, exotic secret in this otherwise Rockwellian place, always struck me as a pretty great hook on which to hang a story. In the book, I subbed a rhino in for the elephant and changed a bunch of other stuff, but the theme remains.”
[Sounds like a good hook for the talk, too!]
The talk will be at 7:00 PM.

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