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About the Library

The Lenox Library Board of Trustees meets every second Wednesday of the month at 4:00. The public is welcome to attend. Please call 637-2630 to confirm date and place.

Lenox Library Board


  • Richard Taylor - President
  • Michael Albert- Vice President
  • Edward Richter - Treasurer
  • Barbara Sussman Goldberg - Clerk

Board Members

  • Carolyn Butler
  • John Davidson
  • Barbara Cook Fabiani
  • Veronica J. Fenton
  • Kenneth Fowler
  • Matthew Keator
  • Christopher Ketchen
  • Christopher King
  • Matthew Lenehan
  • George Raymond
  • David Roche
  • Danielle Stern

Lenox Library Staff

Administrative Offices

Adult & Youth Library Services

Grounds and Maintenance

  • Gene Lagonia – Facilities Manager

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