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Eligibility for Borrowing:

Lenox Library borrowing cards are issued free of charge to any resident of the state of Massachusetts with identification showing a current address. Any out of state residents staying locally for a minimum of one week may present identification and proof of their local residence, and register without a fee. Lenox Library cards can be used at all other C/W MARS member libraries.
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Loan Periods:

Videos, DVDs and Magazines = 7 days.
Everything else = 21 days.
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Renewal Periods:

As long as no one has a hold on a item, and the borrower does not have any bills, or, fines over $10.00 they may renew an item once. Videos, DVDs and Magazines = 1 renewal for 7 days. Everything else = 1 renewal for 21 days. Renewals may be made in person, by telephone, or through the Internet by using the C/W MARS online catalog.
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Overdue Fines:

10 cents per day per item with a max of $3.00 per item. There is NO grace period in calculating the overdue fine.
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Bills and Replacement Charges:

The lost or damaged item will be billed at the amount it would cost the Library to replace the item. If the item is out of print, or unavailable to replace, a flat rate schedule has been calculated and is available on request. A processing fee for the staff time and materials needed to replace the item will be added to the bill. Items borrowed from another library are billed under the conditions set by the owning library.
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Lost or Forgotten Cards:

All patrons are expected to bring their library cards with them if they intend to check out items. If no card is presented, a photo ID may be requested by library staff before lending materials. If there is a system or electrical problem, no materials can be charged out without a valid borrowing card being presented. If a patron loses his/her card, the library staff should be notified as soon as possible and a request made for a replacement. A Fee of $1.00 is charged for a replacement card.
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System-wide Holds:

If an item is not available or is not owned by the Lenox Library, a hold may be placed on the item through a network (C/W MARS) with over 150 other member libraries. This can be done by staff members at any Circulation desk or from the C/W MARS online catalog at the library or at home.
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Interlibrary Loan:

If an item is not available through Holds, an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request can be sent to our Regional headquarters on the patron’s behalf. The patron must be a library member in good standing and a completed ILL form must be submitted to staff at the Reference desk during library hours.
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Book Drop Returns:

The Book Drop located in front of the building should be used to return library materials when the library is closed. During the library’s normal operating hours, library materials should be returned to one of the circulation desks inside the building. Museum Passes and Inter-Library Loan materials should always be returned inside—never in the drop.
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Museum Passes:

Passes allowing free or discounted entry to selected museums in the area are available for check out at the Main Circulation desk by patrons presenting a valid borrowing card. Patrons may check out one pass per day per card. Reservations may be made up to 30 days in advance. Patrons may reserve passes by phone, in person or online: Reserve a Museum Pass.
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Patron Records:

All records concerning information about a patron on their use of the library resources and materials are confidential and will be treated as such in accordance with state and federal law.
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Billed, Lost, Or Damaged Materials
Fees for Lost or Billed Materials

Borrowed items are changed to “lost” status when they are reported lost by the patron.They achieve “billed” status when they become 24 days overdue. When items are declared lost or are billed, the patron owes the replacement cost plus a per item processing fee and a per item billing charge.

A registered borrower who pays the replacement cost for library material lost while in his/her care will have ninety (90) calendar days in which to locate and return the item(s) to the Library in good, usable condition. Within this time period, the borrower will receive a refund of replacement cost(s) paid, less the billing & processing fees.
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Fees For Damaged Materials:

Registered borrowers are responsible for the repair costs for items checked out to them. Material sufficiently damaged as to be unusable will result in the imposition of replacement costs plus a per item processing fee and a per item billing fee.
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Replacement costs for all types of library materials are determined by consulting authoritative sources in the areas of publishing and library science. The costs are reviewed on a regular basis to maintain currency and accuracy.

Minimum replacement charges for lost or damaged library materials are as follows:


  • Adult Fiction (hardcover) – $28.00
  • Adult Fiction (quality paperback) – $19.00
  • Adult Fiction (mass market paperback) – $8.00
  • Adult Non-fiction (hardcover) – $35.00
  • Adult Non-fiction (quality paperback) – $28.00
  • Adult Non-fiction (mass market paperback) – $8.00
  • Adult Reference Works – per item
  • Music Non-fiction (hardcover) – $35.00
  • Music Non-fiction (quality paperback) – $28.00
  • Music Non-fiction (mass market paperback) – $8.00
  • Youth Fiction (hardcover) – $21.00
  • Youth Fiction (quality paperback) – $19.00
  • Youth Fiction (mass market paperback) – $8.00
  • Youth Non-fiction (hardcover) – $21.00
  • Youth Non-fiction (quality paperback) – $19.00
  • Youth Non-fiction (mass market paperback) – $8.00
  • Youth Reference Works – per item


  • Audio Book-cassette: abridged – $10.00/cassette
  • Audio Book-cassette: abridged case – $8.00
  • Audio Book-cassette: unabridged – $12.00/cassette
  • Audio Book-cassette: unabridged case – $10.00
  • Audio Book-CD: abridged – $10.00/CD
  • Audio Book-CD: abridged case – $8.00
  • Audio Book-CD: unabridged – $12.00/CD
  • Audio Book-CD: unabridged case – $10.00
  • Video Cassette: fiction – $25.00
  • Video Cassette: nonfiction – $40.00
  • DVD: fiction – $25.00
  • DVD:nonfiction – $40.00
  • Music Cassette – $10.00/cassette
  • Music CD – $20.00/CD
  • Music LP – $10.00


  • Sheet Music – $30.00
  • Libretto – $12.00
  • Scores – per item
  • Periodicals – per item
  • Adult Educational Pamphlets – $10.00
  • Multi-media kits – $10.00/media
  • CD-ROM – $35.00
  • CD-ROM case/notebook – $10.00

Processing Fee: $1.50 per item
Billing Fee: $1.00 per item
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In-Kind Contributions

At the discretion of authorized Library staff, the donation of a new copy of a lost or damaged item or a reasonable replacement for an out-of-print item (as determined by the Library staff) may be accepted in lieu of payment of replacement charges. The final decision will take into consideration the condition and suitability of the replacement item. Donations or replacements obtained by the patron must be received within four (4) weeks of approval of the Library to the replacement. Processing and Billing Fees will be charged regardless of how an item is replaced.
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