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Great Books Discussion Group at the Lenox Library

You are invited to meet for a conversation which includes great minds such as Flaubert, Engels and Gide, to name only a few.

June 16
by Sinclair Lewis

July 7
A Simple Heart
by Gustav Flaubert

July 28
The Moviegoer
by Walker Percy

August 18
The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State
by Friedrich Engels

September 8
Lucky Jim
by Kingsley Amis

September 29
The Immoralist
by Andre Gide

October 20
Death in Venice
by Thomas Mann

On Dates indicated, the discussion group meets in the Legacy Bank Community Room at 7:00 pm for discussion.

All sessions follow the “Great Books Reading and Discussion Program” guidelines.
To read more about the Great Books Foundation, click here.

Come join us at the Lenox Library

For further information and/or to register, please call Joe Gerard at (413) 447-1631

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