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Music Collection

In 1940, Serge Koussevitzky, Music Director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, asked the Lenox Library to establish the music collection, beginning the symbolic alliance between the Berkshire music community and the Lenox Library. Today, the library serves as a reference center for the BSO musicians, other performers and music lovers. The collections include over 5,000 compact discs, 1,800 musical scores, 500 LPs (some extremely rare), 300 cassettes and 400 videos. In order to assist the music student, the Music Department maintains an extensive reference collection, including the most recent edition of the New Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 1,600 books on the subject of music will also add to the enrichment of the music lover. In addition, the collection has received many personal donations from musicians and composers.

The Music Department shares the beautiful domed room with the Reference Department.

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