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The Lenox Library Association Youth Department exists to serve children, age infant through grade 12, and their caregivers.

The Youth Department provides print and non-print material for the information and recreational reading needs of these patrons.

The Youth Department supports the curriculum of the Lenox School community-public, private, and home schools. Furthermore, the Youth Department, through programs and services, fosters an appreciation of the library as an essential member of the Lenox Community.

One of the hallmarks of the Lenox Library is the Summer Reading Program, with weekly programs chosen according to the theme for the summer. In the past, young participants have been entertained and enlightened with puppet shows, reptile shows and bubble shows. The program wraps up with our annual Ice Cream Social. We have been fortunate to have the super talented Terry A La Berry and Friends performing in the Roche Reading Park for singing and dancing fun.

The theme for the 2017 Summer Reading Program is “Build a Better World,” and is sponsored by the Levin Family Foundation.

Our Wee Ones Storytime is on Fridays at 10:30AM. We will feature special guest readers, pending the hiring of a new Youth Librarian. Check out our Facebook page to see who’s coming!

A crucial element of the overall mission of the Lenox Library Association is to encourage and stimulate the interest of children in reading and learning. The Library views cooperation with schools and educators as an important means of reaching this goal. For this reason and with the goal of making contact between educators and the Library more effective, we have established the following loan procedures for materials to be used in a school setting or other learning environment:


A separate Teacher Loan library card will be issued on request to qualified school teachers, home educators and instructors in state licensed preschool and daycare facilities ( hereafter referred to as “teacher”).

The teacher must possess and maintain a personal Lenox Library or CW-MARS library card in good standing. Teachers maintaining a personal library card with fines or fees exceeding the maximum charges threshold will not be able to use their Teacher Loan card until the outstanding charges fall below the threshold.

Teachers must provide proof of employment with a public/private school or daycare system by: a.) submitting a payroll stub from the school or b.) submitting a letter from the principal/administrator stating that they are employed at the school.

In the case of a home school educator, the individual must present a copy of the registration letter received from the appropriate school district superintendent.

The Teacher Loan card will expire annually on June 30th or whenever the cardholder’s status no longer qualifies them for the card. The Teacher Loan card may be renewed if the teacher or home educator provides proof of continued educational status.


Materials checked out on a teacher loan library card should be for classroom/educational use only and not for personal borrowing. Materials for personal or family use must be checked out on a personal rather than teacher card.

A Teacher Loan is for four weeks. A Teacher Loan may be renewed on or before the due date for an additional three weeks. The renewal is done in person, by telephone or online. A request for renewal is not accepted if a demand for the materials exists within the CW-MARS system

Teacher Loan items may not be transferred to another borrower’s card or loan period.

Teachers are requested not to deplete subject areas since library materials are utilized by the entire community. The number of books on any given subject or specific title allowed to circulate may be limited in an effort to meet the needs of all users.

The Library may provide reserve collections of subject materials for student use at the Library upon request when the actual materials on any specific subject are limited.


Use of the Teacher Loan card brings with it the financial obligation for all charges and fees due to late, lost or damaged items checked out on the card.

  • Charges and fees will be assessed at the same rate and amounts as per the Library’s current fee schedules.
  • Borrowing privileges with the Teacher Loan card will be suspended if any charges exceed $10.00, as with any personal card.
  • The Teacher Loan Library card is for use at the Lenox Library only. Other libraries do not honor our Teacher Loan card.