Our Mission

The Lenox Library provides equal access to information and ideas through a wide variety of materials and programs for community members of all ages.

How do we do this?  By being a vibrant community resource to the public through convenient hours, accessibility and professionally chosen resources and programs.

Our Vision

Since 1855, The Lenox Library has played an important role in the community.  We will continue to be an active participant in developing an enriched, informed and connected community by providing a welcoming atmosphere and relevant services, materials and technologies that encourage life-long education and personal enjoyment.

The Library’s resources, programs and services aim to enhance the quality of life for all Berkshire residents and visitors.   Our intent is to build on this solid foundation by promoting the following outcomes in our community:

  • Readiness to learn
  • Life-long education
  • Personal enrichment
  • Participation in community and civic affairs
  • Appreciation for our local history

Our mission and vision are anchored by the following values:

  • Responsibility to offer quality library services
  • Responsiveness to the community’s needs
  • Utilization of modern and emerging technologies
  • Encouragement of a love of reading and learning for all ages
  • Accessibility to the historical legacy of Lenox