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Lenox Library Association Book Sale

The annual Book Sale is one of the community highlights during the summer season in Lenox. A vital fundraising event for the Library, sales of used books raised over $32,000 in 2017.

Your donations make the annual sale possible.

Our dedicated volunteers prepare for the sale throughout the year. The Lenox Library Book Sale Committee is now accepting books for the 2019 annual book sale.  Donations are accepted on Thursday mornings between 10 and noon at 60 Hawthorne Street (at the BUTI campus).  If you need to arrange for another time or schedule the pick-up of a large donation, please call Nancy Cohen at 413-652-1327.

Call 413-652-1327 ahead to confirm that someone will be there to meet you, or to arrange to drop off books on another day or time.

The sale offers thousands of books in more than 30 subject areas. The sale also welcomes donations of CDs, DVDs and audio books.

Please remember that the sale does not accept books that are stained, foxed, musty, torn or have been written in; dictionaries, encyclopedias,  or other reference books, LPs, videotapes or cassettes.

If you would like more information about donating books or other items, please call Ilse Browner at 413-445-5679, or Nancy at 413-652-1327.

New volunteers are welcome! If you are interested in volunteering, call Nancy Cohen at 413-652-1327.

We look forward to seeing you at the sale!

The 2018 “Bargains in Books” Annual Book Sale was August 17-19

Bruce MacDonald's Lenox Library Book Sale

This year’s event featured a huge selection of over 15,000 books in 40 categories, all donated from Berkshire homes, and most in like-new condition. A Special Interest selection offered collectors’ items, including collectibles, signed first editions and sets, while an Old Treasures section featured hundreds of books from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

This year’s sale featured a large selection of artwork, including framed original paintings and prints.

The Lenox Library Book Nook

The Library has the best little used bookstore in all of Lenox, The Book Nook. It is located near the Main Circulation Desk in an alcove area – a nook, if you will – created from the space formerly occupied by the bank vault for the Lenox National Bank.

Originally conceived several years ago as “Ex Libris” by Ginger Schwartz, the library shop was reincarnated by Eugenia Reinholt as The Book Nook after the library’s extensive renovation in 2000 to 2003.  For many years it was managed by Beverly Hathaway.  A team of volunteers make sure that there is fresh stock at New England (that is to say, frugal) prices.


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